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AddressFix will help you to increase sales, save time and reach new customers.
And best of all you only pay for what we fix!

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How it works

  1. Step 1


    your customer address list


    We just need a simple Excel file of your customer address details

  2. Step 2


    your required AddressFix services


    AddressFix is free to check your database, with additional services available at small cost; Location codes, Social Demographic Profiling and Business Classification

  3. Step 3


    your cleansed and updated address list


    You will be given a new Excel file of your cleansed, amended and updated customer address details for download


Enhance your customer data

we will cleanse, amend and update your customer addresses
You only Pay for what we fix!

See how AddressFix has helped organisations cut costs and improve efficiencies here.

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