Identify areas of Growth and Revenue

AddressFix can give you additional information on the type of businesses you serve to better understand your customers. Business addresses can be categorised based on the nature of their business. Some examples include clothing shops, vets, restaurants, bars and dentists. We will only charge you for business classifications that we can match to an address so you only pay per match!

Stay ahead of the competition with AddressFix Business Classifications

 AddressFix can help you boost your revenues by:
  • Developing tailored marketing campaigns
  • Identifying and targeting new opportunities and areas of growth
  • Identifying your share in the marketplace
  • Identifying what industry segments you are most reliant on
All business addresses on our database have been assigned a NACE code that classifies each business based on what they do. This leading, standardised classification system is used by the CSO and the Companies Registration Office. Try it now.

Business Classification in Action 

The below represents a cleaning company’s address list. This company have been sending generic promotional offers to all of their customer list.
Type of Business Butcher Baker Pharmacy Dentist Supermarket
Number of Businesses 25 20 5 33 110
Percentage % 13% 10% 3% 17% 57%
After applying Business Classifications to their business address list they are able to distinguish which types of companies they serve. They can now tailor their message for each type of business and determine which offers would suit which type of business best. It enabled them to accurately target their audience to increase campaign success and ultimately increase revenue. Try it now.

Have a look at our quick video below to see how you can analyse your business addresses:


AddressFix - Business Classification Analysis from geodirectory on Vimeo.

Apply business classifications to your existing database to Boost Your Revenues

All you need to do is:
1. Upload your database of business addresses
2. Select the Business Classification option
3. Accept the quote

And remember you only pay for every address we can successfully match.

Over 185,000 opportunities available

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