In addition to correcting your addresses AddressFix can enhance your lists by giving you extra information on your customers. Choose from the following:

Social Demographic Profiling

Social Demographic profiling is the classification of residential buildings based on their life stage and income level. This is invaluable information to a business to be able to identify what customers will be best to target and suit their product offering. Have a look at our quick video too on how to analyse your customers. Read more.


Eircodes are the official postcodes for Ireland. With AddressFix you can apply Eircodes to your address list. We will only charge you for every Eircode we can match to an address. Read more.

Business Classification

Business Classification categorises businesses according to what they do, such as retail, service, wholesale, and so on. This can help your business to identify key business segments to target and identify industries you may not have explored before. This type of classification can be used to improve marketing campaigns and customise your business’ message by sector. Have a look at our quick video too on how to analyse your business customers.Read more.

Location Codes

GeoDirectory uses location codes to precisely pinpoint the geographical location of buildings to within one metre and sits within the footprint of the building. Location codes can be used in a number of ways;

  • To identify new customers in an area where you are already selling your product/service
  • To find the most efficient routes for deliveries
  • To manage sales people required depending on the number of customers in one area

Read more.