AddressFix: unlocking your customer list's true value

Your customer address lists are a valuable data asset that’s overlooked by many businesses. Used effectively, it can help boost revenues, cut costs and deliver insights that drive far better decision-making.For pricing details and how you can cut costs by upto 60% visit here
AddressFix is your key to unlocking all of this. Simple to use and secure, it checks and cleans your customer address list ensuring its accuracy. Your customer addresses then become a trusted and valuable strategic tool upon which to base decisions on how to boost your business and enhance your bottom line.

Boost revenues. And cut costs.

It has been identified that inaccurate data costs companies 12% of their revenue. Here’s why:AddressFix Quote Bottom Line Image

  • Correcting poor addresses can cost just over €5 per address 
  • Diverts valuable resources onto unnecessary work
  • It has a negative impact on brand and customer perception
  • On average, it takes 38 hours to update 1,000 addresses manually, with AddressFix it only takes minutes!

Make informed, insightful decisions

 AddressFix Quote bad data image
When you trust your data you can confidently make decisions and tailor and target your offers to the best audience. 

AddressFix enables and provides FREE tools to help you analyse your customer address lists that will give you insights to create unique and appealing market offerings – whether you’re a B2B or B2C company. See for yourself exactly how it works.

Create unique market insights

Once AddressFix has standardised your addresses it opens up the power for you to create new and unique customer insights. AddressFix not only enhances your addresses and the value that derives from this, it goes one step further by enabling you to append key additional information. These include:
This additional valuable information along with our FREE tools will enable you to make those key, beneficial decisions for your business.