Know where your customers are first time every time

The information we can provide for every residential and business address in the AddressFix database doesn’t stop at checking for inaccuracies. We can do much more to help your business to plan sales activities, efficient delivery routes and much more! We will only charge you for every address that we successfully match a location code to. Try it now!

Use our database of current location codes to drive business efficiencies and increase revenue

All residential and business addresses on the database have been assigned co-ordinates to precisely pinpoint the geographic location of the building to within one metre. That’s information that enables you to:

  • Plan delivery and service routes that save time and reduce fuel costs

  • Co-ordinate sales activities within locations to reduce time spent travelling and increase time spent with customers

  • Cutting delivery and service costs

  • Co-ordinating location-based sales activities
  • Identify areas of growth by targeting similar customers

Location Codes in Action

A charity applied location codes to their address list to find similar customers and increase donations. Using the location codes provided by AddressFix they were able to see how many customers they had in specific areas and identify locations where there were customer clusters. The charity were able to determine what areas they could assign sales people to for a much more targeted approach and ultimately increasing donations made.

Get the Location Codes you need for the addresses you have

Our service is easy to use. All you need to do is:
1. Upload your database of addresses
2. Select the Location Code option
3. Accept the quote

And remember we will only charge you for every location code we can match to an address!

Want to add additional addresses to your address lists?

If you require additional addresses to improve your customer lists get in contact with us at to find out more.


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