Clear, correct and consistent formatting

After AddressFix analyses and fixes your addresses, it gives you a file that follows a standardised format. The four core elements that are contained in an address are as follows:

  • Building Number
  • Thoroughfare (i.e. street or road)
  • Post Town
  • County
Here’s an example of the four core fields in a file corrected by AddressFix:

AddressFix Sample Data Table Image

Want to know more?

To give you a clearer idea of exactly what AddressFix delivers, you can download an Excel of addresses ‘before’ and ‘after’ they have been run through AddressFix. Download the sample file here.

On the left of the sample file you will see the standardised and cleansed addresses from AddressFix and on the right are the original addresses supplied by the client. A comment box explaining each of the fields has also been included so you can understand what they represent and how they work. If you prefer we have also created a technical document which you can download here.

Driving more informed decision-making

Besides eliminating inaccurate addresses, AddressFix arms you with insights that let you make clearer decisions. Decisions that drive growth, boost revenue, enhance business value and overtake your competitors. Visit here to see how you can cut your costs by 60% using AddressFix.
To help you understand your file we have developed a clever tool to help you understand your results file. Have a look below and see how it works:

To find out other ways in which you can benefit from AddressFix click here or simply upload your addresses and get a FREE health check