AddressFix is the simple, web-based service that lets you upload your address files for enhancement and cleansing powered by GeoDirectory. Using it, you can be confident that your address list is a powerful, reliable and flexible asset. There are no hidden setup charges or fees, you only pay for every address we can match!

AddressFix enables your business to:

  • Reduce the cost of undeliverable mail
  • Develop tailored marketing campaigns
  • Identify and target new areas of growth and revenue
  • Find your customers’ premises first time every time

You can get more from your customer lists by adding Social Demographic or Business Classification information to your order.  Visit here to find out how you can boost your revenues and cut costs.

Enhancing your customer lists takes minutes, simply:

  • Upload your address list 
  • Choose what additional information you want to add to your addresses
  • Pay and download your new file